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VitalScripts is a physician-created, health information company, which empowers people to make the best lifestyle changes, when and where they take action. We provide prescriptions for health and wellness.

Our format is simple — prescriptions that you can carry wherever you go, for a quick and easy reference guide. VitalScripts puts health back into your hands. We empower you to make the very best lifestyle decisions where they matter the most — at the doctor’s office, gym, health food stores, home, and while making purchases.

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“We put health back into people’s hands and empower them to make the very best lifestyle decisions." — Dr. Ervin Ray Deloney, CEO
Natural Flu Remedies Wellness Guide
Seasonal Allergy Tips Wellness Guide
Cancer Fighting Tips Wellness Guide
Skin Beautifying Tips Wellness Guide
West Nile Virus Wellness Guide
Memory Improvement Tips Wellness Guide
Pesticide Free Foods Wellness Guide
Natural Cold Remedies Wellness Guide
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