1. Do you know the founder of homeopathy was an allopathic physician before he discovered homeopathy?

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Hahnemann was an allopathic physician in his earlier days. He was dissatisfied with the state of medicine in his time particularly practices such as purging, bloodletting, and the use of toxic chemicals. He felt that the medicine he had been taught to practice sometimes did the patient more harm than good. This discontentment leads him to discover a new system of medicine called homeopathy and thus he later became the father of homeopathy.

2. Do u know the discovery of homeopathy was accidental?

Cinchona Tree

As an allopathic doctor, Hahnemann was not happy with the state of medicine in his time. At one point in time, he gave up his own daily practice to begin working as a chemist while translating medical texts. Hahnemann at that time knew around 12 languages and was interested in translating books from other languages to German. During that time Hahnemann was working on a project to translate William Cullen’s Materia medica (book of medicines) to the German language. He came across one chapter in which it was written about the medicinal properties of a species of South American tree bark(Cinchona) against malaria. Hahnemann one day ingested the juice extracted from the pulp of cinchona bark and to his surprise he developed symptoms exactly like malaria. From this, he came to the conclusion that any substance which has the ability to produce symptoms of a particular disease can also cure that particular disease. Thus, Hahnemann postulated the law of “similia similibus curentur”; let likes be cured by likes which became the primary principle of homeopathy. This is how the discovery of homeopathy happened.

3. Do u know that the action of homeopathic medicine is faster than allopathic medicine?

People have a misconception that homeopathic medicines act very slowly. But this is not true. Homeopathic medicines can act faster than allopathic medicine in acute cases provided that the medicine is prescribed on the basis of the totality of symptoms after proper case taking. Homeopathic medicines act through the nerves, so when you take homeopathic medicines its action begins right from the nerve endings present on your tongue and thus you can see the result within a few seconds of intake of medicine. But in allopathy medicinal action is through the circulatory system and so when compared to homeopathy, allopathic medicines require more time to give you the result.

4. Do you know the term allopathy was first introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (father of homeopathy)?

The practice of medicine in both Europe and north America during the 19th century was referred to as heroic medicine because of the extreme measures used by the physicians of that time like bloodletting and purging. The term allopathy was used by Hahnemann to highlight the difference between homeopathy and the conventional heroic medicine of that time. 

5. Do you know homeopathy was used by napoleon’s army during the epidemic of typhus fever?

Napoleon left France in June 1812 to conquer Russia with 600,000 soldiers and only 3000 soldiers remained alive one year later. It is estimated that he lost close to 220,000 soldiers solely to epidemic typhus. In 1813 in his second attempt to conquer Russia, napoleon retreated with his army to the city of Leipzig and there he was surrounded by the allied armies. Incidentally, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was living in Leipzig during the seize in the fall of 1813. Typhus became the epidemic in Leipzig and every physician was obliged by the authorities to be in charge of a makeshift hospital to treat its population infested with epidemic typhus. In his makeshift hospital, Hahnemann treated around 183 cases of typhus without even losing a single case. At the same time conventional treatment was having a mortality rate of over 30%

6. Do you know there are homeopathic medicines that are prepared from energy sources like sunrays, moonlight, magnet etc?

There are certain homeopathic medicines that are prepared from energy sources either natural or artificial. They are known as imponderabilia. The medicines from these sources include Luna (from full moon), Magnetis polus Australis (south pole of magnet), Magnetis Polus Aarticus (north pole of magnet), Magnetis Poli Ambo(magnet), Sol (sun rays), electricity(electricity), Xray, radium etc.

7. Do you know homeopathy works well in treating animals?

Homeopathy offers safest and permanent solution to any kind of health issues for many people. This is true for animals as well. Veterinary homeopathy is growing in popularity and many doctors and veterinarians across the world are using homeopathy for treating animals. Homeopathy works wonderfully in all kind of skin allergies, ear infections, arthritis, respiratory allergies and many other conditions in animals. It has given wonderful results in dogs, cats, cattle, poultry etc.

8. Do you know homeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of mental and physical aspects of the patient?

 there is a saying that homeopathy doesn’t treat the disease but rather treats the diseased person. This is called holistic approach. According to homeopathic holistic principle, two individuals even if they are having the same complaint will be prescribed different medicine on the basis of their constitution. A constitutional medicine is given after the detailed case taking of the patient that includes his mental as well as physical character.

9. Do you know not even a single homeopathic medicine has got any side effects?

  homeopathy is the safest mode of medicine for any kind of health issues. It is ideal for any age group. It has no side effects and so even pregnant and lactating women can take homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are prepared form tiny amounts of proven healing substances derived mainly from plants, minerals, and animals. This is what makes it so safe to use.

 10. Do you know body immunity can be improved with homeopathy?

Basically, our immune system protects our body from foreign bodies like bacteria, parasites, viruses etc. But if our immune system becomes weak our body will be prone to all types of illness.so it is very much essential to have a strong immune system inside our body. Homeopathic medicines can help in strengthening the immunity by developing natural defence inside our body against disease causing microbes. Thus, through homeopathy, we not only get a strong immunity but also a permanent cure to illness.

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